Roundtable/ “Post-election Libya and the European Union” organized by IPSS


On Wednesday, 23 February, the Institute for Peace and Security Studies (IPSS- Addis Ababa University) will host a JOINT Roundtable to discuss extent to which the EU’s agenda for Libya is fit-for-purpose, considering the fragmented nature of Libya’s geopolitical context further highlighted by the postponement of the Libyan elections to an undefined date.


Youssef Mohammed Sawani, University of Tripoli, Libya.
Tim Murithi, Institute for Justice and Reconciliation, South Africa.
Patrick Haimzadeh, French Diplomat in Tripoli (2001-2004) & Author of “Inside Gaddafi’s Libya”.
Jean-Louis Romanet Perroux, North African Policy Initiative (NAPI), Tunisia.
Jalel Harchaoui, Researcher focusing on Libya.


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