Podcast/How can the EU help to stop the war in Ukraine?


Is the European Union equipped to stop the Russia-Ukraine war? What can the European Union do to bring peace to Europe? These questions are both important and difficult to answer in a world characterised by multipolar competition, regional fragmentation and internal division within the European Union.

This podcast tries to understand what EU Foreign and Security Policy is and what capacities the EU has to address conflicts in an increasingly complex world. The focus is, in particular, on the war in Ukraine, which may change the future of Europe.

The podcast is moderated by Pol Bargués, Research Fellow at CIDOB (Barcelona Centre for International Affairs), who will discuss these questions with three experts: Pernille Rieker, Research Professor at the Norwegian Institute for International Affairs; Kristi Raik, the Director of the Estonian Foreign Policy Institute at International Centre for Defense and Security; and Kristina Kausch, Senior Resident Fellow at German Marshall Fund of the United States.


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