Webinar/ Reflections on the Middle East – Insights from Türkiye and the EU


The ongoing security challenges emerging from the Middle East have played a pivotal role in shaping and will continue to influence the policies of both the EU and Turkiye in the near future. Escalating tensions have seized the world’s attention since the onset of October 2023, drawing the focus of the global community to the volatile landscape of the Middle East.

Turkiye, positioned as both an EU candidate country and a proximate neighbor amidst an array of crises and conflicts, holds a pivotal strategic standing in the region. The dynamics of Turkiye’s interactions with its neighbors have remained a key focal point in relations between Turkiye and the EU. Recent divergences between Turkiye’s and the EU’s approaches in the Middle East have strained relations, while shifts in Turkish foreign policy have presented challenges in its relations with Israel.

Furthermore, the EU’s responses since October 2023 to the developments in the Middle East have been under close scrutiny, considering the region’s pivotal role in evaluating the efficacy of the EU’s foreign and security strategies.

The webinar ‘Reflections on the Middle East – Insights from Turkiye and the EU,’ organised by EDAM in the framework of the JOINT project, aims to explore the policies of the EU and Turkiye amidst this conflict, delving into the regional dynamics that shape their approaches.


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