The International Spectator Special Issue on EU Foreign and Security Policy. Guest Editors: Riccardo Alcaro and Hylke Dijkstra


The peer-reviewed journal The International Spectator has published the Special Issue “Re-imagining EU Foreign and Security Policy in a Complex and Contested World” based on JOINT project’s research.

Open Access articles:

  • Re-imagining EU Foreign and Security Policy in a Complex and Contested World Read
  • Engagement against All Odds? Navigating Member States’ Contestation of EU Policy on Kosovo Read
  • EU Policy towards Ukraine: Entering Geopolitical Competition over European Order Read
  • EU Policy towards the Israel-Palestine Conflict: The Limitations of Mitigation Strategies Read
  • From Conflict Management to Shielding EU Stability: How Syria’s Fragmentation Diverted the EU(FSP) from Action to Reaction Read
  • Weathering the Geopolitical Storms: The Ever-elusive Success of EU Policy towards Iran Read
  • EU Policy towards Ethiopia amidst the Tigray War: The Limits of Mitigating Fragmentation Read
  • Constraints, Dilemmas and Challenges for EU Foreign Policy in Venezuela Read
  • Multipolar Competition and the Rules-based Order: Probing the Limits of EU Foreign and Security Policy in the South China Sea Read


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