Paper/ Public Opinion and the European Foreign and Security Policy: Is there a Risk of Politicisation? By Davide Angelucci, Pierangelo Isernia, Carlotta Mingardi and Francesco Olmastroni


The war in Ukraine and the conflicts in the Middle East have brought the Common European Foreign and Security Policy on the top of the European agenda. However a puzzle hovers around this policy: Why, despite widespread support at both the public and elite level, so little progress has been made in this policy area so far?

This Research Paper by Davide Angelucci (Junior Assistant Professor, Unitelma), Pierangelo Isernia (Full Professor, University of Siena), Carlotta Mingardi (Post-Doctoral Researcher, University of Siena) and Francesco Olmastroni (Associate Professo, University of Siena) points to a combination of factors.

The analysis shows that public opinion is responsive to arguments more than to party cues on this topic as well as that there is room for top-down politicisation. Political actors, especially those at the ideological extremes, could potentially exploit the EU’s foreign and security policy by shaping public debate to align with their preferences. This dynamic may help explain the slow pace of progress in developing a cohesive European Common Foreign and Security Policy thus far, despite broad support.


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