Brief/ A Critical Juncture: EU’s Venezuela Policy Following the War in Ukraine by Anna Ayuso, Tiziano Breda, Elsa Lilja Gunnarsdottir and Marianne Riddervold

EU’s goal in Venezuela has been to promote a negotiated democratic transition, but it has been unable to foster it. The change of the US Venezuela policy under Biden, the shift towards the left in most new Latin American governments, and EU’s need to diversify its energy supplies after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, have provided an opening […]


Paper/ How to Reduce the Impact of Internal Contestation, Regional Fragmentation and Multipolar Competition on EU Foreign and Security Policy by Sarah van Bentum et al.

In this JOINT Paper, Sarah van Bentum (Freie Universität Berlin – FUB), Caterina Bedin (Fondation pour la Recherche Stratégique – FRS), Zachary Paikin (Centre for European Policy Studies – CEPS), Gregor Walter-Drop (FUB), Steven Blockmans (CEPS), Agnès Levallois (FRS) & Tiffany Guendouz (FRS) outline strategies that may help to mitigate the negative impact of internal contestation, […]


Podcast/ Multipolar Competition’s Impact on EU Foreign Policy: Lessons from Ukraine, Iran and the South China Sea

Recent years have witnessed the return of competition between the world’s most powerful states, which is exerting a significant impact on EU foreign and security policy and constraining the EU’s room for manoeuvre as well. The advent of an increasingly multipolar world also raises questions about the reach of the EU’s interests and influence — […]


Brief/ Resolving Libya’s Legitimacy Crisis: 2023 Elections as a Pathway for Peace and Democratisation? by Happi Cynthia

Libya is in dire need of a legitimate administration to take it a step away from political stagnation and division from which all Libyan institutions suffer. In this JOINT Brief, Happi Cynthia (Institute for Peace and Security Studies – IPSS) discusses UN Special Representative Bathily’s initiative aimed at holding Lybia’s presidential and legislative elections in […]


Paper/ Tackling the Constraints on EU Foreign Policy towards Ukraine: From Strategic Denial to Geopolitical Awakening by Kristi Raik, Steven Blockmans, Assem Dandashly, Gergana Noutcheva, Anna Osypchuk and Anton Suslov

EU-Ukraine relations have been overshadowed by tightening geopolitical competition with Russia ever since 2004. This JOINT Report, by Kristi Raik (International Centre for Defence and Security- ICDS), Steven Blockmans (Centre for European Policy Studies- CEPS), Assem Dandashly, Gergana Noutcheva (Maastricht University), Anna Osypchuk and Anton Suslov (School for Policy Analysis, National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy- […]


Main takeaways of JOINT final reports on Twitter

Over the past few weeks, the JOINT project has released the final reports on its case studies. These reports are now available on JOINT’s website and social media accounts, where you can also find a summary of the key findings from the research. If you are interested in learning more about the project and its […]


Paper/ Stalled by Division: EU Internal Contestation over the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict by Sinem Akgül-Açikmeşe, Kristina Kausch, Soli Özel and Eduard Soler I Lecha

The future of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict remains vague, as does the EU Foreign and Security Policy towards the region. In this JOINT Report, Sinem Akgül-Açikmeşe (Centre for Economics and Foreign Policy Studies – EDAM), Kristina Kausch (German Marshall Fund – GMF’s Brussels office), Soli Özel (Kadir Has University) and Eduard Soler I Lecha (Barcelona Centre […]


Statement in support of JOINT partner Centre for Economics and Foreign Policy Studies – EDAM

Researchers and staff members from IAI, CEPS, the Free University of Berlin, FRS, CIDOB, the University of Maastricht, GMF, ICDS, NUPI, the University of Siena, IPSS, CSIS and the National University Kyiv-Mohyla Academy stand in solidarity with the people affected by the devastating earthquakes that shook Turkey and Syria in early February. Our thoughts go in particular to […]


Paper/ The EU Trapped in the Venezuelan Labyrinth: Challenges to Finding a Way Out by Anna Ayuso, Marianne Riddervold and Elsa Lilja Gunnarsdottir

In this new JOINT Report, Anna Ayuso (Barcelona Centre for International Affairs – CIDOB), Marianne Riddervold and Elsa Lilja Gunnarsdottir (Norwegian Institute of International Affairs – NUPI) assess the strengths, limits and future of EU policy towards Venezuela, which has not been able to reach its full potential due to geopolitical rivalries, intra-EU divisions and regional fragmentation. The […]


Paper/ Syria: A Multifaceted and Challenging Crisis for EU Foreign and Security Policy by Agnès Levallois, Can Kasapoğlu, Özlem Tür and Galip Dalay

The difficulty of delivering humanitarian aid in Syria, that emerged after the devastating earthquakes on the border between Turkey and Syria, particularly resonates with the observations produced by this JOINT Report authored by Agnès Levallois (Fondation pour la recherche stratégique – FRS), Can Kasapoğlu, Özlem Tür (EDAM) & Galip Dalay (The German Marshall Fund of […]


Paper/ Ethiopia and the Tigray War: Limits and Challenges of EU Policy in a Fragmented and Contested Region by Francesca Caruso and Jesutimilehin O. Akamo

The EU and its member states have traditionally looked at Ethiopia as a strategic partner for regional stability. Yet, this assumption has led the Europeans to neglect Ethiopia’s internal dynamics. In this JOINT Report, Francesca Caruso (Istituto Affari Internazionali – IAI) and Jesutimilehin O. Akamo (Institute for Peace and Security Studies – IPSS) assess Ethiopia’s […]


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