Podcast with Webinar Highlights/ Re-imagining EU Foreign and Security Policy in a Complex and Contested World

On 5 April 2024, The International Spectator, Istituto Affari Internazionali’s peer-reviewed journal, presented its latest special issue (March 2024) “Re-imagining EU Foreign and Security Policy in a Complex and Contested World,” based on JOINT project’s case study research. The webinar aimed to offer selected speakers and the public a fruitful occasion to discuss how the […]


Paper/ Relational Power Europe. Conflict Management and the Future of EU Foreign and Security Policy by Riccardo Alcaro and Pol Bargués

In this new JOINT Paper, Riccardo Alcaro (Research Coordinator and Head of Global Actors, Istituto Affari Internazionali – IAI, as well as JOINT Coordinator) and Pol Bargués (Senior Fellow, Barcelona Centre for International Affairs – CIDOB) analyse how the EU has dealt with crises and conflicts in the last 15 years including Russia’s invasions of […]


Final Conference/ From Ukraine to the Middle East: How Crisis-Proof is European Foreign Policy?

The rapid succession of major security crises in theatres geographically or strategically close to Europe has drawn public attention to the EU’s crisis response capacities. The bar for what should constitute a “geopolitical” European foreign policy has been raised by several conflicts and crises, including the ongoing war in Ukraine, recent escalations in the Middle East involving Israel, Gaza, […]


Podcast/ The EU as a Relational Power: Managing conflicts in a contested and complex world

In this episode of the JOINT podcast, we delve into the complex role of the European Union as a global actor in foreign and security policy. Riccardo Alcaro, Research Coordinator and Head of the Global Actors Programme at IAI, Istituto Affari Internazionali, and Pol Bargués, Senior Research Fellow at CIDOB, the Barcelona Centre for International […]


Video/ European Public Opinion on EU Foreign and Security Policy

In a new JOINT video, Professor Pierangelo Isernia from the University of Siena examines the potential politicisation trap that political elites may face when pursuing further Europeanisation. Despite enthusiasm among elites for scaling up EU integration, they might be reluctant to do so, sensing the risk of a widespread consensus quickly turning into a constraining […]


Brief/ A More Joined-up Union, a Stronger Europe by Riccardo Alcaro

The EU’s record in managing conflicts and crises around the world has been mixed at best. From Syria to Libya and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the EU’s ability to positively impact and resolve these situations has been limited. Even in cases where the EU achieved seemingly significant breakthroughs, like the Iran nuclear deal or the Kosovo-Serbia […]


Paper/ Public Opinion and the European Foreign and Security Policy: Is there a Risk of Politicisation? By Davide Angelucci, Pierangelo Isernia, Carlotta Mingardi and Francesco Olmastroni

The war in Ukraine and the conflicts in the Middle East have brought the Common European Foreign and Security Policy on the top of the European agenda. However a puzzle hovers around this policy: Why, despite widespread support at both the public and elite level, so little progress has been made in this policy area […]


Paper/ European Public Opinion on the Challenges and Future of EU Foreign and Security Policy by Rossella Borri, Pierangelo Isernia, Carlotta Mingardi & Francesco Olmastroni

A JOINT multi-country survey across France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain and Poland shed light on public opinion regarding the EU’s foreign and security policy. Three key findings emerged: This Report has been prepared by Rossella Borri (Senior Researcher, University of Siena), Pierangelo Isernia (Full Professor of Political Science, University of Siena), Carlotta Mingardi (Post-Doc Researcher, […]


Podcast/ European Public Opinion on the Challenges and Future of EU Foreign and Security Policy

This episode of the podcast, moderated by Luciana Fazio (Post-Doctoral Researcher at University of Siena – UNISI) and featuring Pierangelo Isernia (Full Professor at University of Siena – UNISI), Francesco Olmastroni (Associate Professor at University of Siena – UNISI) and Carlotta Mingardi (former Post-Doctoral Researcher at University of Siena – UNISI), explores the public opinion […]


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