Paper/ Public Opinion and the European Foreign and Security Policy: Is there a Risk of Politicisation? By Davide Angelucci, Pierangelo Isernia, Carlotta Mingardi and Francesco Olmastroni

The war in Ukraine and the conflicts in the Middle East have brought the Common European Foreign and Security Policy on the top of the European agenda. However a puzzle hovers around this policy: Why, despite widespread support at both the public and elite level, so little progress has been made in this policy area […]


Paper/ European Public Opinion on the Challenges and Future of EU Foreign and Security Policy by Rossella Borri, Pierangelo Isernia, Carlotta Mingardi & Francesco Olmastroni

A JOINT multi-country survey across France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain and Poland shed light on public opinion regarding the EU’s foreign and security policy. Three key findings emerged: This Report has been prepared by Rossella Borri (Senior Researcher, University of Siena), Pierangelo Isernia (Full Professor of Political Science, University of Siena), Carlotta Mingardi (Post-Doc Researcher, […]


Podcast/ European Public Opinion on the Challenges and Future of EU Foreign and Security Policy

This episode of the podcast, moderated by Luciana Fazio (Post-Doctoral Researcher at University of Siena – UNISI) and featuring Pierangelo Isernia (Full Professor at University of Siena – UNISI), Francesco Olmastroni (Associate Professor at University of Siena – UNISI) and Carlotta Mingardi (former Post-Doctoral Researcher at University of Siena – UNISI), explores the public opinion […]


Event/ EU and Ukraine in the Multipolar and Turbulent World: Challenges for Global Security

The ongoing open warfare in Europe, conflicts in the Middle East and growing tensions in different regions all over the world threaten the international security order and the system of international law. In the Public Event organised by School for Policy Analysis – National University Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, in the framework of the JOINT project, we […]


Brief/ Iran’s Retaliatory Attack on Israel Puts the Middle East on the Brink by Riccardo Alcaro

While the full consequences of Iran’s attacks against Israel are still unfolding, in this JOINT Brief, Riccardo Alcaro (JOINT Project Coordinator & Head of Research, Istituto Affari Internazionali) draws some preliminary reflections on whether Iran has gained something or the attack has been strategic setback. Israel claims to have intercepted the vast majority of the […]


Brief/ Rhetorical Confrontation Is No Substitute for the EU’s Iran Policy by Riccardo Alcaro

The EU’s Iran policy has been in a bind since any hope for reactivating the 2015 nuclear deal dissipated. The EU is unable to articulate its rhetorical confrontation with Iran into policies that actually help pursue its composite set of interests with regard to Iran, which now extend beyond nuclear proliferation and Middle Eastern stability […]


Brief/ A Decade of Deadlock. The EU’s Shipwreck on Palestine Embodies the EU’s Blockade Problem by Kristina Kausch

EU decision-making on the Middle East peace process has been paralyzed for a decade, making it the poster child for broader foreign policy pathologies. The weak, erratic European response to Hamas’ October 7, 2023 attack on Israel and the latter’s retaliation in Gaza was the natural consequence of a long-standing stalemate. The Israel/Palestine file has […]


Videos/ Strengthening EU Foreign and Security Policy in a Complex and Contested World

The video playlist “Strengthening EU Foreign and Security Policy in a Complex and Contested World” contains videos with main takeaways and policy recommendations drawn from JOINT project’s analysis and reports on 9 case studies, aimed at studying on how domestic and systemic factors constrain the ability of the EU and its member states to agree […]


Assessing EU Foreign and Security Policy: JOINT Effectiveness Checklist

The JOINT project has created the JOINT Effectiveness Checklist: a simple tool for policy-makers and researchers to systematically assess the effectiveness of EU Foreign and Security Policy (EUFSP) in conflict and crisis situations. The tool allows for both swift indicative assessment and tentative trend-building over time, as well as for indicative comparisons of EU responses to different […]


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