The EU as a Relational Power: Managing conflicts in a contested and complex world

European Public Opinion on EU Foreign and Security Policy

European Public Opinion on the Challenges and Future of EU Foreign and Security Policy

The Vicious Circle of Fragmentation: the EU and the Limits of its Approach to Libya

The EU’s Indo-Pacific Strategy in the Face of Rising US-China Rivalry

Standing the Heat of War: Public Opinion in the EU and in Ukraine

From Strategic Denial to Geopolitical Awakening: EU Foreign Policy towards Ukraine

EU Foreign Policy and Security Challenges: Navigating Ethiopia’s Post-Tigray Conflict Landscape

(In)Effectiveness of EU Foreign and Security Policy towards the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Conflict management vs. Internal Priorities: EU’s approach towards Syria

The EU and intra-EU contestation: how to navigate and circumvent the negative effect of internal contestation on EUFSP

EU Foreign and Security Policy towards Iran: shift in priorities

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