A turning point for EU unity on Foreign and Security Policy?

The EU and Fragmented Territories: How to Deal with Complexities in the EU Neighbourhood and Beyond

Multipolar Competition’s Impact on EU Foreign Policy: Lessons from Ukraine, Iran and the South China Sea

Economic & political consequences of the Ukraine war in the Indo-Pacific region by Andrew W. Mantong

ASEAN regional cooperation and its international relations explained by Prof. Evi Fitriani

Europe’s epochal change towards defence strategies with Giulio Pugliese

Europe’s increased dependency on the US with Riccardo Alcaro

The implications of the Ukraine war for Europe and the world

Public, élite and party opinions on EU Foreign and Security Policy with Pierangelo Isernia

JOINT Lecture: The West and the global implications of the Russian-Ukrainian war with Prof. O. Haran

What might multipolar competition imply for the EU? With Zachary Paikin

EU support to Ukraine to defend democratic values: Olexiy Haran

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