Future of EU Foreign & Security Policy

JOINT will elaborate assessment criteria of the effectiveness of the EU and its member states’ foreign & security policy

As we inquire about how EU institutions and member states can bring about more effective governance of EU foreign, security and defence assets, we invariably relate to the broader debate about the EU’s role in the world, today and in the future. 

Greater military and security-related capabilities, along with other assets, have become necessary conditions for the EU and its member states to pursue cooperative regional orders and rules-based international regimes while handling conflicts and engaging with external players. This debate has fostered, and has been fostered by, the EU’s embracing of the notion of strategic autonomy and its resolve to carve out and expand its room for autonomous foreign policy.  

As the discussion about the future of EUFSP is invariably enmeshed with the broader one about progress in EU integration – re-energised by plans for a multi-annual Conference on the Future of Europe –, JOINT will consider not only conceptual and policy changes to EUFSP structures but institutional ones too. We will envision scenarios ranging from deepening fragmentation, to incremental adjustment and more systematic reforms.  


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