Brief/ The EU Strategic Compass: A Blueprint for a European Defensive and Securitisation Policy by Pol Bargués

In this new JOINT Brief, Pol Bargués (Research Fellow at the Barcelona Centre for International Affairs) analyzes the EU Strategic Compass by looking also at the direction taken in the Global Strategy (2016) and the Integrated Approach to Conflicts and Crises (2018) and focusing on the apparent change of direction in EU foreign policy.


Brief/The EU and the Ukraine War: Making Sense of the Rise of a “Geopolitical” Union by Riccardo Alcaro

Since the escalation in Ukraine, the EU has shown significant geopolitical power but there are limits to its transformation into a full geopolitical player. In this new JOINT Brief, Riccardo Alcaro reflects on the supposed transformation of the EU into a geopolitical actor following its response to the Ukraine war.


Brief/Europe’s Post-Cold War Order is No More by Riccardo Alcaro

For Europe, the latest events in Ukraine are the harbinger of the end of an era. Diplomacy never runs its course. But as things stand now, the focus of the United States and Europe should be on economic retaliation and NATO deterrence and defence, argues JOINT Coordinator Riccardo Alcaro in this JOINT Brief.


Roundtable/ “Post-election Libya and the European Union” organized by IPSS

On Wednesday, 23 February, the Institute for Peace and Security Studies (IPSS- Addis Ababa University) will host a JOINT Roundtable to discuss extent to which the EU’s agenda for Libya is fit-for-purpose, considering the fragmented nature of Libya’s geopolitical context further highlighted by the postponement of the Libyan elections to an undefined date. Panel: Youssef […]


Paper/Multi-Layered Actions? Sustaining Partnerships in the EU Integrated Approach to Conflicts and Crises by Dylan Macchiarini Crosson et al.

This JOINT Paper by Dylan Macchiarini Crosson (CEPS – Centre for European Policy Studies), Pol Bargués (CIDOB – Barcelona Centre for International Affairs), Zachary Paikin (CEPS) and Steven Blockmans (CEPS) traces the formulation of the Integrated Approach to conflicts and crises, frames conceptually its multilayered dimension, and points to how internal contestation, regional fragmentation and […]


Brief/Four Scenarios for the Iran Nuclear Deal by Riccardo Alcaro

Iran nuclear talks resumed few days before the end of 2021. Some actors see progress, others talk about new ‘realism’. This JOINT Brief by JOINT Coordinator Riccardo Alcaro outlines four scenarios for the JCPOA.


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