JOINT Papers

Summary of Party Positions on EU Foreign, Security and Defence Policy. Case Studies: France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland and Spain

This study explores political parties’ salience and position on foreign policy issues in France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland and Spain across time. By analysing the main parties’ electoral manifestos from 2000 to 2020, the study points out how foreign policy and related area, such as internationalism and military issues, have been only marginally addressed in […]


Brief/The Italy–France Treaty is an Example of Wise Diplomacy by Riccardo Alcaro

This JOINT Brief by JOINT Coordinator Riccardo Alcaro analyses the recent Quirinale Treaty, meant to: inject stability into a deep and often unnecessarily troubled political relationship, (slightly) rebalance Europe’s balance of power and lead to greater cohesion between Italy and France in the EU


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