Webinar/ Reflections on the Middle East – Insights from Türkiye and the EU

The ongoing security challenges emerging from the Middle East have played a pivotal role in shaping and will continue to influence the policies of both the EU and Turkiye in the near future. Escalating tensions have seized the world’s attention since the onset of October 2023, drawing the focus of the global community to the […]


Videos/ EU Foreign and Security Policy in the Middle East

Both the European Union and Turkey have placed significant emphasis on the Middle East, particularly following the Arab uprisings. In recent times, policies directed towards the region have gained prominence on the agendas of both entities. The emergence of security concerns from this region has played a role in influencing, and will continue to influence, policy decisions in […]


Paper/Regional Fragmentation and EU Foreign and Security Policy by Agnès Levallois

In this JOINT Paper, Agnès Levallois, Senior Research Fellow at the Foundation for Strategic Research (FRS), explains how the EU can address regional fragmentation, highlighting how this is a significant challenge for the Union as it undermines central states’ authority and distributes it amongst other actors – including non-state armed groups.

JOINT Papers

Regional Fragmentation and EU Foreign and Security Policy

There is broad academic consensus on the fact that the fragmentation of regions presents a significant challenge for the EU. Fragmentation undermines the authority of central states, the EU’s most natural counterparts, and distributes it amongst a great number of actors – including non-state armed groups. To address fragmentation, the EU should increase coordination between […]


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