Brief/ A Critical Juncture: EU’s Venezuela Policy Following the War in Ukraine by Anna Ayuso, Tiziano Breda, Elsa Lilja Gunnarsdottir and Marianne Riddervold

EU’s goal in Venezuela has been to promote a negotiated democratic transition, but it has been unable to foster it. The change of the US Venezuela policy under Biden, the shift towards the left in most new Latin American governments, and EU’s need to diversify its energy supplies after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, have provided an opening […]


Paper/ The EU Trapped in the Venezuelan Labyrinth: Challenges to Finding a Way Out by Anna Ayuso, Marianne Riddervold and Elsa Lilja Gunnarsdottir

In this new JOINT Report, Anna Ayuso (Barcelona Centre for International Affairs – CIDOB), Marianne Riddervold and Elsa Lilja Gunnarsdottir (Norwegian Institute of International Affairs – NUPI) assess the strengths, limits and future of EU policy towards Venezuela, which has not been able to reach its full potential due to geopolitical rivalries, intra-EU divisions and regional fragmentation. The […]


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