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Public Opinion and the European Foreign and Security Policy: Is there a Risk of Politicisation?

This paper explores the current state of contention in the European Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) and the conditions that could lead to its politicisation. We start from the question about why there has been so little progress in foreign and defence policy integration despite the widespread support for it from both the public […]


Paper/ European Public Opinion on the Challenges and Future of EU Foreign and Security Policy by Rossella Borri, Pierangelo Isernia, Carlotta Mingardi & Francesco Olmastroni

JOINT multi-country survey on Public Opinion and EU Foreign and Security Policy was run in France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain and Poland and has revealed three main points on the topic: This Report has been prepared by Rossella Borri (Senior Researcher, University of Siena), Pierangelo Isernia (Full Professor of Political Science, University of Siena), Carlotta […]

JOINT Papers

European Public Opinion on the Challenges and Future of EU Foreign and Security Policy

The present report illustrates the results of a survey conducted in six European countries (France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland and Spain) to assess public sentiments towards EU Foreign and Security Policy (EUFSP). Notably, the survey reveals a strong demand for more EUFSP, with a majority supporting a move away from the unanimity rule toward majority […]


Webinar/ Standing the Heat of War: Public Opinion in the EU and in Ukraine

On 10 November 2023, two universities partners to the JOINT project (Università di Siena and National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy) organised a webinar with the students to discuss Public opinion in the EU and Ukraine in relation to the ongoing invasion of Ukraine by Russia. Prof. Anna Osypchuk and Anton Suslov from NaUKMA presented […]

JOINT Briefs

The EU and Ukraine’s Public Opinion: Changing Dynamic

Introduction: The West appreciated Ukraine’s pluralism by default After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Ukrainian society and political establishment chose a different path of transformation than Russia. Ukraine gained its independence peacefully and without internal conflicts thanks to an agreement between the national-democratic opposition and the so called “national-communists”. The West appreciated the facts […]

JOINT Papers

Framing Public Perception of the Challenges to the EU Foreign Security and Defence Policy. Focus Groups as a Method of Investigation

This report presents the results of twelve focus groups carried out in six European countries (France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland and Spain) and addressing topics of concern for the study of EU foreign security and defence policy. In particular, participants were engaged in discussions on three main topics: (1) the most pressing international challenges and […]

JOINT Papers

Inventory of EUFSP-related Public and Elite Opinion Surveys

This study offers an inventory of elite and public opinion surveys on EU foreign and security policy (EUFSP). It first provides an analytical overview of the most relevant literature and data on the topic while exploring the theme of foreign and security policy from the angle of political elites’ attitudes and beliefs. In the second […]


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