Brief/ Playing the Long Game in the South China Sea: The Potential and Limits of ASEAN–EU Cooperation by Andrew W. Mantong & Steven Blockmans

The security dilemma between China and the US is threatening rules-based multilateralism, which runs deep in the veins of the EU and to a great extent defines its international posture. While the EU’s position is still taken into account by regional players, it is not strong enough to shape policy outcomes according to its own […]

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Playing the Long Game in the South China Sea: The Potential and Limits of ASEAN–EU Cooperation

In the South China Sea (SCS), as indeed the wider Indo-Pacific, the European Union is facing a deepening strategic rivalry between China and the United States. In the SCS, China has been able to create physical realities in defiance of international law through the construction of artificial islands in the attempt to sustain its claims […]


Podcast/ Multipolar Competition’s Impact on EU Foreign Policy: Lessons from Ukraine, Iran and the South China Sea

Recent years have witnessed the return of competition between the world’s most powerful states, which is exerting a significant impact on EU foreign and security policy and constraining the EU’s room for manoeuvre as well. The advent of an increasingly multipolar world also raises questions about the reach of the EU’s interests and influence — […]

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The South China Sea and Indo-Pacific in an Era of “Multipolar” Competition: A More Targeted EU Response?

A longstanding territorial dispute between claimants in the South China Sea now finds itself nested within a new imagined “Indo-Pacific” region, which itself has become a key theatre in a deepening great power conflict. The EU is geographically distant and a relative newcomer to the strategic terrain in these two regions, yet it cannot afford […]


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