Workshop/JOINT WP2 Workshop on 22 November in Brussels

On 22 November 2021, JOINT members gathered in Brussels for the first WP2 Workshop “The Context of EU Foreign and Security Policy: Internal contestation, regional fragmentation and multipolar competition.” JOINT Coordinator Riccardo Alcaro and WP2 Leader Hylke Dijkstra summarize in two videos the outcomes of the workshop as well as the objectives of the project […]


Conversation/Riccardo Alcaro and Pol Bargués on the JOINT project

Pol Bargués (Research Fellow, CIDOB- Barcelona Centre for International Affairs) and Riccardo Alcaro (JOINT Coordinator and Head of Research, IAI- Istituto Affari Internazionali), in the occasion of the November Roundtable organized by CIDOB, exchanged ideas about the core issues of our project: internal and external factors affecting and affected by EU foreign and security policy.


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