Intra-EU Contestation: Kosovo and Serbia, Israel and Palestine, and Venezuela Case Studies

JOINT will show how internal contestation is a major factor hampering EU efforts at: 

  • brokering permanent peace between Kosovo and Serbia
  • mediating between Israel and Palestine
  • supporting the re-establishment of full democratic practices in Venezuela.

JOINT will examine the established EU consensus and explore connections between EU governments’ and opposition parties’ construction of the conflict in question and the role of the EU in it. Contestation will thus be examined at two levels: between member states and between ideological groups.

JOINT will also dissect EU and member states’ policies being deployed to address conflicts and crises to ascertain whether they are disjointed or integrated into coherent policy frameworks. 

These analyses will feed into recommendations on how the EU and member states can reduce the impact of internal contestation on the effectiveness of EU foreign & security policy.

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