Newsletter n. 3 - September 2022
The War in Ukraine and Studying the EU as a Security Actor HYLKE DIJKSTRA

There has been considerable analysis of the Ukraine war, including of the resolve and bravery of Ukrainian soldiers, the sloppy military planning by the Russian aggressor, and the responses by the United States, NATO, Europe, Turkey, China and many others. This JOINT Brief, drawing from the JOINT project’s findings, focuses on what the war means for the EU as a security actor and how its role should be studied.

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More Integration, Less Autonomy: The EU in Europe’s New Order RICCARDO ALCARO

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has not just shattered what was left of Europe’s post-Cold War order. This JOINT Brief provides an overview of how Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has also defined the broad contours of Europe’s future order and consequently of the kind of peace such an order will be able to sustain.

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Russia–Ukraine Talks and the Indispensable Role of the US and Europe RICCARDO ALCARO

The war is causing immense harm. Civilian deaths are apparently modest, although they are rising fast. Refugee flows, involving up to ten million people (over three million of which have already fled the country) are monumental in size. This JOINT Brief analyses the two variables determining the course of the war as well as the role of the US and Europe in Russia-Ukraine talks.

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The EU Strategic Compass: A Blueprint for a European Defensive and Securitisation Policy POL BARGUÉS

On 21 March 2022, the Council of the European Union released the Strategic Compass for Security and Defence. The document has been hailed as a framework for coherence and convergence of the Union’s foreign policy but has also been criticised for its lack of concrete goals, for being a “wind chime” rather than a “compass”. This Brief analyses the apparent change of direction in EU foreign policy when comparing the EU Strategic Compass with the Global Strategy (2016) and the Integrated Approach to Conflicts and Crises (2018).

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Turkey in the Black Sea: Is a Balancing Act Still Possible? ÇIĞDEM ÜSTÜN

This JOINT Brief discusses the latest questioning of Turkey’s alignment in its foreign policy. As Turkey’s engagement in talks in the aftermath of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine shows, it has the ability to keep diplomatic channels open and the willingness to work with regional actors and multilateral mechanisms, thus the potential to contribute to regional, European and global security from a broad perspective.

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Indonesia’s G20 Presidency and the War in Ukraine ANDREW W. MANTONG and GILANG KEMBARA

The visit of Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) to Russia and Ukraine illustrated his priority for foreign policy, especially related to Indonesia's G20 Presidency. This JOINT Brief analyses Indonesia’s foreign policy pillars in relation to its G20 Presidency and the war in Ukraine.

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