Policy Event/ CIDOB Breakfast with Radmila Shekerinska, former Minister of Defence of North Macedonia

On October 27, 2023, CIDOB (Barcelona Centre for International Affairs) and IBEI (Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals), in the framework of the JOINT research project, held an event on EU enlargement with Radmila Shekerinska, former Minister of Defence of North Macedonia. During her three mandates, North Macedonia has become the 30th member of NATO and candidate […]


Brief/ A Critical Juncture: EU’s Venezuela Policy Following the War in Ukraine by Anna Ayuso, Tiziano Breda, Elsa Lilja Gunnarsdottir and Marianne Riddervold

EU’s goal in Venezuela has been to promote a negotiated democratic transition, but it has been unable to foster it. The change of the US Venezuela policy under Biden, the shift towards the left in most new Latin American governments, and EU’s need to diversify its energy supplies after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, have provided an opening […]


Paper/ Stalled by Division: EU Internal Contestation over the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict by Sinem Akgül-Açikmeşe, Kristina Kausch, Soli Özel and Eduard Soler I Lecha

The future of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict remains vague, as does the EU Foreign and Security Policy towards the region. In this JOINT Report, Sinem Akgül-Açikmeşe (Centre for Economics and Foreign Policy Studies – EDAM), Kristina Kausch (German Marshall Fund – GMF’s Brussels office), Soli Özel (Kadir Has University) and Eduard Soler I Lecha (Barcelona Centre […]


Paper/ The EU Trapped in the Venezuelan Labyrinth: Challenges to Finding a Way Out by Anna Ayuso, Marianne Riddervold and Elsa Lilja Gunnarsdottir

In this new JOINT Report, Anna Ayuso (Barcelona Centre for International Affairs – CIDOB), Marianne Riddervold and Elsa Lilja Gunnarsdottir (Norwegian Institute of International Affairs – NUPI) assess the strengths, limits and future of EU policy towards Venezuela, which has not been able to reach its full potential due to geopolitical rivalries, intra-EU divisions and regional fragmentation. The […]


Brief/ The EU Strategic Compass: A Blueprint for a European Defensive and Securitisation Policy by Pol Bargués

In this new JOINT Brief, Pol Bargués (Research Fellow at the Barcelona Centre for International Affairs) analyzes the EU Strategic Compass by looking also at the direction taken in the Global Strategy (2016) and the Integrated Approach to Conflicts and Crises (2018) and focusing on the apparent change of direction in EU foreign policy.


Paper/A Joined-Up Union, a Stronger Europe. A Conceptual Framework to Investigate EU Foreign and Security Policy in a Complex and Contested World by Riccardo Alcaro, Pol Bargués and Hylke Dijkstra

In this new JOINT Paper, Riccardo Alcaro (JOINT Coordinator and Research Coordinator and Head of Global Actors programme – Istituto Affari Internazionali), Pol Bargués (Research Fellow – BarcelonaCentre for International Affairs) and Hylke Dijkstra (Associate Professor – Maastricht University) build a conceptual framework to investigate EUFSP in conflicts and crises, starting from the fractious domestic […]


Paper/Multi-Layered Actions? Sustaining Partnerships in the EU Integrated Approach to Conflicts and Crises by Dylan Macchiarini Crosson et al.

This JOINT Paper by Dylan Macchiarini Crosson (CEPS – Centre for European Policy Studies), Pol Bargués (CIDOB – Barcelona Centre for International Affairs), Zachary Paikin (CEPS) and Steven Blockmans (CEPS) traces the formulation of the Integrated Approach to conflicts and crises, frames conceptually its multilayered dimension, and points to how internal contestation, regional fragmentation and […]


Roundtable/What EU Foreign Policy in a more contested World? organized by CIDOB

On 25 November 2021, the Barcelona Centre for International Affairs (CIDOB) hosted a JOINT project roundtable aimed at understanding what kind of actor the European Union is becoming in a world characterised by multipolar contestation and regional fragmentation. Chair:  Pol Morillas, Director, CIDOB (Barcelona Centre for International Affairs) Panelists: Riccardo Alcaro, Senior Researcher, IAI (Istituto Affari […]


Conversation/Riccardo Alcaro and Pol Bargués on the JOINT project

Pol Bargués (Research Fellow, CIDOB- Barcelona Centre for International Affairs) and Riccardo Alcaro (JOINT Coordinator and Head of Research, IAI- Istituto Affari Internazionali), in the occasion of the November Roundtable organized by CIDOB, exchanged ideas about the core issues of our project: internal and external factors affecting and affected by EU foreign and security policy.


Brief/Afghanistan, AUKUS and European Strategic Autonomy by Pol Morillas

A new JOINT Brief by Pol Morillas, Director of CIDOB (Barcelona Centre for International Affairs), on the debate on EU’s strategic autonomy, reinvigorated by the latest events in international defence and security. The withdrawal of Western troops from Afghanistan and the AUKUS deal should be the turning point for the EU to move from intent […]


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